The Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

At last, the final book on weight loss!

Here is our dynamite, short and powerful gem of a book--The Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan. This revolutionary quick and EASY weight loss plan is backed by an abundance of hard science, research showing how the vegetarian diet leads to significant, life changing weight loss. This miraculous weight loss was recently demonstrated by none other than President Clinton. This famous statesman and philanthropist lost 22 pounds on our diet and changed his heart health for good!

The pages of this book are packed with important and arresting information showing you, step by step, the easiest way to significant and quick weight loss. For the first time in your life, you will discover how effortless weight loss can be-we guarantee it! A new, trimmer and healthier you will emerge in less than a month.

This treasure trove of life changing information first takes a chapter to examine the health science of the vegetarian diet. This draws upon the hundreds of scientific studies and journal articles supporting the health claims of plant based diets. In fact, the science is so strong, most of the time we illustrate points with meta-studies.

The next chapter teaches people how to become vegetarians and how this simple, but powerful change leads to weight loss. Here we cover the process of first eliminating meat from the diet, then as much diary, cheese, and butter as possible, all the while adding low calorie, nutritiously dense fruits and vegetables. You will discover how our tips tip your scale in an eye popping, exciting direction! We then offer the seven best weight loss tips-not the same old ones seen in countless other weight loss books and magazine articles, but ones proven by science to work.

The third chapter explores the astonishing and little known facts of vegetarian nutrition and how these facts go to work for a new, trimmer and healthier you.

Finally, the last three chapters offer up the less well-known benefits of a plant based diet for those who might need even more motivation: the environmental benefits, a brief exploration of the animal welfare issues and the religious/spiritual aspects of vegetarianism. Inspiring quotes from famous vegetarians litter the text.

All of this is packed into 100 pages! (Not including the reference and bibliography section.)